Professional Sales Questioning, Handling Objections and closing

Duration : 1/2 day
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This powerful mini course focuses on the single most powerful skill any professional sales person learned to master a long time ago which is to  'ask good questions', not just any questions but how to ask questions in a way to get customers to open up and disclose their needs.  

The focus of this this 3 hour mini course is to introduce  a proven, step-by-step professional sales questioning technique that  can be put into action immediately, in any sales situation.

This powerful sales questioning technique is all about asking the right questions in a particular sequence following a specific questioning model so that you lead both yourself and your customer to a mutually beneficial solution.

Packed with example questions that can easily apply to whatever product or service you are selling.

Learn the skills to ask questions that establishes a context or starting point for exposing and understanding the customer's problems.

Learn to delve deeper with your questioning into the customer's needs revealing areas of difficulty or dissatisfaction your customer is experiencing.

Gear and direct your questions towards a solution/product/service you already have. 

Learn how to point your questioning towards the consequences, implications or effect of a buyer's problem.

Know when and how an effective sales person asks these types of questions to develop customer's problems to the point where it gets so big that the customer needs a solution to it.

These are some of the powerful sales questioning techniques you will learn and can teach others by using this complete mini course training package. 

The mini course training package includes :

Comprehensive trainer guide

Professionally designed power point slide deck

Participants workbook for reference

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What’s the difference between full-course packages and mini-course packages?

What you get Full-course package Mini-Course Package
Duration Complete 1 – 2 day training program One session half day
Trainer Guide
Student Workbook
Power point slide deck
Self-assessments √ (select programs) -
Additional Exercise sheets √ (select programs) -
22 Bonus activities -
Training support documents (Evaluation form, Certificates, Program Outline) -
Competitive Review Game (Power Point) -


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