Communication Skills Mini Course

Duration : 1/2 day
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Being specific and focusing on behavior rather than personality are the types of essential communication skills you need as a successful business professional. These are two of the six communication principles  that this effective mini 2 hour session will equip you to deliver. Focusing on the most essential communication skills of listening and asking insightful question as well as  assertiveness and understanding the power of body language.

Participants will walk out with a clear understanding of how to combine voice tone , body language with using language that engages others by following a 5 principle communication model enabling them  to communicate their messages more clearly, confidently and effectively.

Key Learning points :

How well do you communicate? (30 minute activity)

Six basic principles of communication

Focus on behavior not personality

Be specific

Use the power of questions

Listen actively

Communicate assertively

Understand non-verbal communication

The mini course training package includes :

Comprehensive trainer guide

Professionally designed power point slide deck

Participants workbook for reference

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What’s the difference between full-course packages and mini-course packages?

What you get Full-course package Mini-Course Package
Duration Complete 1 – 2 day training program One session half day
Trainer Guide
Student Workbook
Power point slide deck
Self-assessments √ (select programs) -
Additional Exercise sheets √ (select programs) -
22 Bonus activities -
Training support documents (Evaluation form, Certificates, Program Outline) -
Competitive Review Game (Power Point) -


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