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It doesn't matter what you are writing whether it's an email, a letter, a  proposal, or  your CV , if you really want to improve your writing (which takes a lot of practice by the way ) and really write professionally , there is one thing you have to do which is treat writing as a process , do not just sit and write whatever is on your mind in the heat of the moment specially if it is something important that you are about to write , you have to go through the process of writing in order to have a professional outcome.

This course is designed to focus on introducing and practicing an easy to follow 5 step business writing process that ensures significant improvement in writing skills from pre-writing and analyzing your audience to writing your first draft and  revising it to make sure the writing has specifics, a positive neutral tone and formatted for emphasis and clarity.


The comprehensive trainer guide you will receive along with the power point slide deck are rich in examples with a detailed explanation of each step including editing the writing for conciseness and eliminating unnecessary words, using active voice and ensuring parallel construction to proofreading to check sentence agreement, punctuation and spelling.

The program has several hands-on practical writing activities built in. Participants are also encouraged to bring their own writing to class to apply the concepts learned on their own work.

Business writing process checklistbusiness writing process checklist courseware

Included in the course materials are pre-formatted business writing process reminder cards you can print and give out to class participants  to keep them handy while writing.

Key learning points :

Professional business writing process

- Generate ideas
- Analyze your audience
- Organize your ideas

- Conciseness
- Active/Passive voice
- Parallel construction

- Sentence agreement
- Punctuation
- Spelling


The mini course training package includes :

Comprehensive trainer guide

Professionally designed power point slide deck

Participants workbook for reference

Specific forms and job aids

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What’s the difference between full-course packages and mini-course packages?

What you get Full-course package Mini-Course Package
Duration Complete 1 – 2 day training program One session half day
Trainer Guide
Student Workbook
Power point slide deck
Self-assessments √ (select programs) -
Additional Exercise sheets √ (select programs) -
22 Bonus activities -
Training support documents (Evaluation form, Certificates, Program Outline) -
Competitive Review Game (Power Point) -


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