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Now, Get the complete Sales Excellence Series® With all you need to run a set of professional sales development training programs The 3 complete easily customizable packages include:

 Sales Management scitron


professional selling skills scitron


 Sales Territory Planning Routing training courseware
Sales Management
(2 days)
Professional Salling Skills
(2 days)
Sales Territory Planning & Routing 
(2 days)


3 Training programs with 6 days of training targeting:

 Sales professionals in general
 Sales Managers
 Field and distribution sales professionals

Sales Management
2 Days training program

Sales Management scitron

This two day program will enable delegates to have a clear understanding of the successful sales manager's responsibilities and how to become more effective in their roles in this challenging competitive business environment of today. During the training program, delegates will explore key leadership skills as well as the essential sales management skills needed for them to effectively forecast and implement effective sales plans, motivate  and evaluate performance of their people and provide the required direction and support ensuring measurable slaes results from their sales teams. Read More


By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

Understand the roles and responsibilities of a sales manager

Learn skills to achieve better results through their teams using sales plans and targeting techniques

Clearly understand how to prepare a sales forecast and a sales plan for their sales operation

Properly observe, evaluate and give feedback to team members and set performance development objectives using assessment tools supplied and provided withing the training program

Explore ways to motivate their sales teams and create a more motivating environment.

Explain Run more effective sales meetings and morning huddles to inspire and motivate and provide clear direction to their sales team members.

Professional Selling Skills
2 Day training program

professional selling skills scitron

This two day extensive sales training program will guide participants towards uncovering "The Right" skill set and mind set a professional sales person should possess and exhibit. From controlling conversations with customers to asking the right questions to uncover customer's needs, this program will enhance sales staff's ability to connect and engage better with customers, overcome objections and more confidently and effectively close sales to achieve sales targets and deliver commercial objectives. Read More


By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

Understand what is needed to have both the right skill set and mind set to sell.

connect better with customers, overcome objections and close sales confidently and effectively to achieve sales targets.

Learn and practice an effective sales questioning technique that will increase the likelihood of making a sale by better understanding customer needs while maintaining a great customer experience.

Understand the 4 major behavioral styles and personality types and how to sell to each buyer type.

Sales Territory Planning & Routing
2 Days training program

Sales Territory Planning Routing training courseware

This training programs aims to introduce a simple 5 step process to efficiently and effectively manage and plan your sales territory. The process serves as a roadmap to create a complete plan from setting strategic sales goals and objectives based on your close analysis of both your territory, competition as well as scoring your customers based on their potential to following best practice territory routing and coverage patterns as well as monitoring and evaluating your results.  Read More


By the end of this training course participants will be able to:

 Follow a structured step by step approach to plan sales activity within their sales territories.

 Understand the criteria for determining real customer potential

 Determine sales territory potential and assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the sales territory

 Set strategic objectives and goals for their sales territories.

 Explore best practice sales territory routing patterns for efficient and effective coverage.

The fully customizable 3 program training package includes:


 Best practice theory exploration. 
 Facilitator-led group discussions.
 Self-discovery activity. 
 Game-based learning. 
 Practice exercises. 
  Hands-on activities. 
 Facilitator-led group discussions. 




Buy now and get the following bonus materials:

Sales Forecast Data Worksheet: A useful data sheet to collect all the data needed to create your first sales forecast. An easy way to create a complete sales forecast.

MicroSoft Excel Forecasting Tool: A free useful excel tool to display your data graphically and  gain more insight into what your forecast data is telling you.

Monthly Sales Planning WorksheetAn easy to use worksheet to create your overall sales yearly plan including your forecast backed sales targets and align your resources and specify action steps for achieving your overall short term and strategic goals.

Sales Territory Planning & Routing form: A handy document listing the planning & routing process that serves as a quick reminder of the 5 step process.

  Customer Rating tool: An excel sheet listing examples of both quantitative & qualitative criteria that can be customized and used for evaluating customers importance and potential.

Buy now and download instantly the "Sales Excellence series®

with all 3 complete training programs (6 training days)
  • Sales Management
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Sales Territory Planning & Routing
Why is getting the "Complete Sales Excellence Series®" a great deal versus buying separate programs?
Sales Management $149.95
Professional Selling Skills $149.95
Sales Territory Planning & Routing $149.95
Total $449.85
Complete Sales Excellence Series® you pay $299.95
You Save $149.95

Plus a Big Bonus!

22 activities to use with other training programs & training materials you have.
Power Point Review Game: Review the training materials you just covered and watch excitement rise as participants compete to answer questions in a series of exciting rounds.

That’s not all, The Power Point game is fully customizable so you can easily change the questions and create other versions and other games for other training courses and training materials you teach.

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great value coursewar



Why buy our courseware packages? 


Big Value for money

Instantly get a comprehensive and well structured training courseware materials package that includes everything you will need to run a successful and professional training program:

A comprehensive trainer guide that will guide you step-by-step through the training program with detailed explanation of the topics as well as suggestions on what to say and how to debrief and run the different activities and explain concepts.

A comprehensive workbook to hand out to each of your class participants that makes for an excellent complete reference to the training material covered as well as instructions for participating in the different activities and also gives them space to take notes.

Power Point slide deck that's professionally designed to support your training delivery and impress your audience.

Activity & Exercise sheets as well as several other training support documents from training evaluation sheets to attendance certificates so you have all you need to deliver a complete training program with your training material package.

Review game show (In Power Point) to end your training on a high note and run a competitive and exciting review game where teams compete for a prize by answering questions around your training materials. (The Power Point game is fully customizable so you can use it to create similar competitive review games for other training materials and programs you already teach.)


Fully customizable

Any modifications or customiation or pesonalization of the training materials to match your specific training objectives or specific needs of your participants can be easily made since you get all source files in Microsoft office format. You have the right to make any additions or even brand your training materials package with your own brand (we only do not allow the resale of these training material packages in any way or form)


Easily add to your own materials

Our Training packages are divided into modules where each module focuses on a specific topic which makes it easy for you to tailor or customize the training materials or add to your current training courseware materials.


Exercises, Games & activities to enliven and spirit-up your training delivery

Our training packages are packed with self-discovery activities, exercises and games focusing on specific learning outcomes to enliven your training delivery and energize your participants.


End your training with a fun & competitive review exercise

Each of our training packages includes a great bonus Power Point game show that was designed to be the grand finale of your training program and keep your participants engaged to the very end. Just split your participants into teams and watch excitement rise as they compete to answer questions around your training materials for an excellent and fun way to review, recap and improve retention of the training materials covered.


Download and get it instantly

Instantly download and get your training package immediately. After purchasing off our website you immediately get a link to download everything in a zipped file. 


Professionally designed training materials delivered to your inbox with the following features:

Fully Editable and customizable Downloadable immediately
No restrictions, full freedom to use Get original source files
MS office format Engaging Innovative content
Packed with activities , games and exercises Based on latest training models and concepts
Very well organized and structured design documents Specific job aids and useful forms to use back on the job (Selected training courses )
Engaging power point slide deck High impact visuals
Step by step comprehensive trainer guide Training materials that helps you create an engaging learning environment
Competitive fun games and activities Assessment tools (Selected training courses)
Complete training course material package with all you need to run a great training including evaluation forms and certificates for participants. All documents in MS office format including trainer guide, slides, workbook, activity and exercise sheets and additional support tools.


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