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Communication Skills Professional Sales Questioning, Handling Objections and closing Sales Forecasting
Motivating People Business writing training course material package
Motivating People Professional Business Writing


No time for your audience to leave for a full day training course?

consider our all new affordable Mini courses!

Our 1/2 day Mini courses solve the problem. These quick compact and effective courses are designed to deliver comprehensive 2 to 3 hour sessions of specific topics including skill practice so you can have an even more affordable and efficient solution that can be further customized to fit your training needs or integrated into your existing course materials.

Communication Skills

Being specific and focusing on behavior rather than personality are the types of essential communication skills you need to be professionals. These are two of the six communication principles that this effective mini 2 hour session will equip you to deliver.

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Professional Sales Questioning, Handling Objections and closing

This powerful mini course focuses on the single most powerful skill any professional sales person learned to master a long time ago which is simply to ask questions, not just any questions but how to ask your questions in a way to get your customers to open up ? is what you learn in this 3 hour mini course.

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Sales Forecasting

A sales forecast is an essential tool for managing a business of any size. It is a month-by-month forecast of the level of sales you expect to achieve. Most businesses draw up a sales forecast once a year. This 3 hour mini course has all you need to learn and teach others a simple 4 step process to put together a simple sales forecast to manage business more effectively.

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Professional Business Writing

This 3 hour mini course is designed to focus on introducing and practicing an easy to follow 5 step business writing process that ensures significant improvement in writing skills from pre-writing and analyzing your audience to writing your first draft and revising it to make sure the writing has specifics, a positive neutral tone and formatted for emphasis and clarity.

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Motivating People

Motivating People

A major part of being a leader is about having the ability to motivate and mobilize your team to drive their performance to their full potential. This mini course will put you on the right track to give leaders greater confidence and equip them with the most up to date motivation concepts through a number of fun activities.

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