Preparing a Marketing plan

This fact sheet focuses on the standard model of marketing planning endorsed by several writers in the field. The model contains formalised procedures, although the degree to which these are followed will depend on the culture and requirements of the organisation.

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Properly organising the Induction of New Employees & Recruits

This article introduces easy to follow action steps designed to assist line managers, supervisors and managers responsible for the induction of new employees. It makes good sense to help new recruits to integrate as quickly as possible into their new surroundings and to become efficient and effective in their work and set them up for success. Failure to do so can, at the very least, lead to erratic progress, with possible hidden costs such as waste of materials and loss of customers.

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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

This articles provides an easy and straightforward introduction to the key concepts and modelling techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help you apply quickly apply some of the concepts to achieve excellence in thinking and communication.

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Report Writing

This article is intended both for those new to business writing in general and in particular to report writing and for experienced report writers who wish to review their own methods.

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Sample Sales Process

This is a sample of a very simple, straight forward sales process including the most basic steps of building the relationship with the customer to onboarding and retaining, nurturing and growing the relation. This is an essential framework for any professional sales person seeking to enhance his/her professional selling skills.

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The Sales Cycle

A sales cycle is the time from when a salesperson first makes contact with a prospect to the moment when a sale is made or finalized. For example, if a copier sales rep makes a cold call from a list of prospects and reaches one, that is the start of the sales cycle. When she finalizes the deal and makes delivery of the copier that is the end of the sales cycle. The time in between the initial cold call and delivery is the sales cycle.

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Value Propositions In Sales

Many organizations use the term “value proposition” and refer to adding value without really doing either. Who defines “value”?

In sales, there are two levels of value proposition – the “general” one that you may use to hook the customer or prospect’s interest and then the “specific” proposition as the key part of your presentation. There is no doubt that presenting with impact is important however  The problem is that most "value propositions" do not tend to promote specific benefits to a specific organization or prospect - they tend to be general statements of what the seller’s offering can provide. They are not VALUE propositions at all; they tend to be "advantage propositions."

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5 Easy Steps to Improve your Business Networking Skills

This fact sheet is designed to help you to develop your business networking skills, in order to retain and gain customers and suppliers, and to expand your range of beneficial contacts.

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